Food Tasting

Arrangör Yurie Hama / LYCKA Japan & Sweden
Plats Outside of the East Asian Museum, Tyghusplan 4 11149 Stockholm, Stockholm

Eventet stängt för nya bokningar

A fundamental aspect of Japanese cuisine is its ability to explore the possibilities and exploit the potential of a small number of basic elements created into a large variety of another elements. As an example, a soy bean breaks down into Edamame, tofu, miso and soy sauce ... Each offspring has a unique taste which sometimes makes us forget that they come from one element.  

In our food event, you can taste 4 different basic elements originally come from Japan both in lunch meal and dessert drink. Discover how taste of the element changes between the borderline of meal and dessert with a powerful potential of each element, as well as how it is like to share your taste experience with others over the borderline between private space and public space! 

Sunny day → Outside of the East Asian Museum 

Rainy day → Inside of the East Asian Museum

● Food Meny / Yurie Hama ●

Seasonable vegetable yuzu marinade 
Yuzu-Kosho topped lotus pot-au-feu 
Sea-salt-lemon & Shiso rice-boll 
Ume chicken skewer


● LYCKA Japan & Sweden