What is Simple Signup?

Simple Signup is a web based service that makes it easy for event organizers to accept signups and payments for their events.

The idea for Simple Signup was born in our own experiences. As an organizer you want to be able to focus on your event. Unfortunately you typically spend too much time on the mundane task of administering signups and payments. A lot of times you are not sure who is attending and who has paid. Simple Signup solves these problems effectively.

The service is open to everybody. Anybody can create an event and start accepting signups and payments within a few minutes on the internet.

Both small and large organizers can manage anything from marathons to bachelorette parties. The service works in any situation where you need to keep track of signups and payments, i.e. sport competitions, courses, conferences, parties, concerts, club memberships, and travel.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently it´s free to use Simple Signup if your event is free of charge for the participants. If you collect payments you can do so in SEK only. Yoiu can read more about options for collection money (in swedish). 

How Do I Use the Service?

Create Your Event at simplesignup.se

Attendees Sign up and Pay on the Internet

You Get a Reliable Attendee List


You are always welcome to contact us with your questions.