Redefine love to reinvent relationships - a bedroom talk

Arrangör Pamela von Sabljar
Tid 2019-12-19 19:0021:00
Plats Another View Store Kongensgade 85, 1264 Köpenhamn
19 december
278 kr

If love speaks louder, it gets easy. No, relationships are not easy, but what if they could get easier?

We invite you to an exploring conversation with the intention to dive into the complexity and simplicity of relationships.

The bedroom is the space where you slide into nakedness, taking off your make-up and show up in your humaness - being real.

Pamela and Ana, the hosts of the evening, share a passion and life journey through the lessons of love.

Through monogamous, polyamorous, polysexuell, open and relationships in general they have curiously explored, investigated to understand how to grow, respond with maturity and open yourself up for more love.

How can we courageously meet our fears and allow love to speak louder?

What are the steps we need to take towards finding more maturity in our relationships?

They will share a everyday practice that will give you the possibility to grow, mature and open yourself up to love in every human connection no matter if it is a stranger or your partner.

We are looking forward to light the candles, sitt down in a relaxed and safe space, with a cup of something and start the conversation out of the questions that is in the room.

DATE: Thursday the 19th of December

TIME: 19-21

Arrival from 18:45, so we can start at 19 together. We will end at 21 though you are very welcome to stay till 22, to continue the conversation.

You are also welcome to arrive earlier to be able to have a look at the beautiful shop, with sustainable fashion, where the evening will be hosted.

LOCATION: Another view, at: Store Kongensgade 85, 1264 København


Would the price be holding you back, do write us and we will look for what is possible.

YOU: You are enough just by being present in the room. No need to be in a relationship.


Pamela von Sabljar

Pamela’s life story includes being a present mom, global speaker, facilitator and a mentor, initiator to Nordic Women's Gathering, Unfold Transformation and Nexters Leadership Initiative. She also played a part in developing the Swedish schooling system, has been writing several books, suffering a burnout, following her curiosity and becoming a nomad. Facing what she is most afraid of and thereby entering one of the best conversations of her life and now focusing on being compassionate even when it hurts.

"Pamela is a brilliant mentor. Simple as that. She sees much further than the spoken words, to the core of me, why I say and act like I do. There she uncovers things I don't see myself but, when exposed, I know is true. On that level she coaches and gives me plenty of opportunities to learn and grow." - Noa Fridmark, CEO DrinkNoa

Ana Milbo Schoeps

Is commited to help build a world where relationships come first. Passionate about facilitating spaces for deep trust and meaningful conversations to emerge. Ana is in her final year at the Kaospilots, an Enterprising Leadership education, with a focus on relational leadership. With experience from several international projects and been a facilitator of the last Nordic Women's Gathering. After several years in polyamoury she is at the moment exploring what it means to be in a conscious monogamous relationship.

"I got to know her as a warm, open, creative and thoughtful person who naturally inspires trust and genuinely cares about what she doing. She takes and makes time to listen, and is always ready to help, solve problems and collaborate. I look forward to working with her again." - Felix Burghardt, Hospitality Experience Designer