The FSF Day 2019

Arrangör Föreningen Sveriges Filmfotografer (FSF)
Tid 2019-08-29 13:002019-08-30 23:00
Plats Filmhuset, Bio Victor, Borgvägen 1-5, Stockholm
The FSF Day
200 kr

The FSF Day is a public event dedicated to the art of cinematography presented by the Swedish Society of Cinematographers in Stockholm from August 29–30, 2019 at the Film House, the very centre of the Swedish film industry.
The FSF Day will feature an panel discussion among other things Shooting Episodic Television, where Leading Swedish Cinematographers, Sophie Winqvist Loggins, DFF, FSF, Ulf Brantås, FSF, Ragna Jorming, FSF, share their experiences, and an exclusive conversation featuring Barry Ackroyd, BSC and Benjamin B.
The FSF Day is rounded off by a special VIP Party, allowing participants to connect and to network.
Attending speakers, program updates and other information will be published when available:

FSF-Dagen arrangeras av Föreningen Sveriges Filmfotografer den 30e augusti på Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1-5, i Stockholm. FSF-Dagen är öppen för alla och fokuserar på Filmfoto som Konst och Hantverk, genom en serie paneldiskussioner med framstående filmfotografer Sophie Winqvist Loggins, DFF, FSF, Ulf Brantås, FSF, Ragna Jorming, FSF. Dessutom en exklusiv ”Master Class with Barry Ackroyd” hållen av Barry Ackroyd, BSC, med Benjamin B som moderator. FSF-Dagen avrundas med ett VIP Party där deltagarna kan nätverka med varandra och knyta kontakter.

Program — August 29 (preliminary)

The event begins at 1PM Thursday 29th with an extensive program featuring exhibits by leading companies like Sony, ARRI etc, a demonstration of a state-of-the-art rig for simulating shots of moving vehicles, a seminar on the use of VR in film production and an exclusive screening of ”Detroit” (2017) introduced by Barry Ackroyd, BSC.

Program — August 30 (preliminary)

09:00-11:00 FSF Seminar with 3 Cinematographers
11:30-13:00 Camera Operating with Barry Ackroyd, BSC
14:00-15:30 Master Class with Barry Ackroyd, BSC
16:00-17:00 Master Class with Barry Ackroyd, BSC

17:30-23:00 VIP Party


Barry Ackroyd, BSC

Academy Award nominated Director of Photography Barry Ackroyd, BSC, began his career in documentaries, early on as an assistant but quickly progressing to cinematographer on numerous productions -and feature films soon followed. The documentary approach and giving the audience a feeling of ”you are there” are two signature aspects of Ackroyd’s work.
As a Director of Photography, Barry has enjoyed several repeated collaborations with highly successful directors, such as Ken Loach (12 films!), Kathryn Bigelow and Paul Greengrass, and his impressive catalogue of work runs the full gamut from Ken Loach’s Irish historical drama The Wind that Shakes the Barley to the nonstop adrenaline rush of Paul Greengrass’ Jason Bourne, with hits like The Hurt Locker (AAN) The Big Short and Captain Phillips in between.

Sophie Winqvist Loggins, DFF, FSF

divides her time between locations as exotic as Österlen, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Bombay. Originally a stills photographer, she also holds a degree in art sciences as well as having graduated from Stockholms Filmskola in 2004 and the National Danish Film School in 2009. Her catalogue of work ranges from sci-fi, documentaries, art projects and Bollywood-movies to commercials.
Her most recent assignment is the TV series Rebecka Martinsson. This autumn she will be working on two projects, Ninja Thyberg's feature film Bella Cherry set in the pornographic film business of Los Angeles, and Clara Sola a feature film about a woman with magical powers set in Costa Rica and directed by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén.

Ulf Brantås, FSF

In the spotlight right now with the acclaimed Netflix TV-series Quicksand (2019) Ulf Brantås, FSF, nonetheless candidly points out his career hasn’t  followed a traditionally straight line.  Brantås embarked on an intense collaboration with director Roy Andersson in the early 1980s, first as a line producer, but soon advanced to becoming DP on Andersson’s numerous commercials.  Feature films eventually followed and Brantås can now look back on an impressive lineup of titles, many being the result of long collaborations with directors like Lukas Moodysson, Per-Olav Sørensen and Björn Runge. Among the best known titles bearing Brantås’ signature are Fucking Åmål (1998), Tillsammans (2000), Om jag vänder mig om (2003) and The Wife (2017).

Ragna Jorming, FSF

Ragna was a film buff from her early teens, but her first four years as an adult was spent in art schools. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Winchester, England. Back in Stockholm she attended Stockholm Film School, now set on becoming a DoP. She worked as clapper loader and focus puller for a few years before doing her second BA, this time in Cinematography, at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. Since graduation in 2006 she has shot a variety of drama and commercials.  Among her feature films are Kyss mig (2011) and Pojkarna (2015), both directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining and Återträffen, directed by Anna Odell. Her most recent feature is Føniks, a Norwegian production directed by Camilla Strøm.
Ragna is a dedicated and positive force on set, intensely concerned with how the talents are being lit and depicted, all the time thinking about what’s best for the story.


Benjamin B

Benjamin B is the Senior European correspondent for the American Cinematographer magazine, and the author of thefilmbook blog on the ASC web site. He is the author of Reflections, a book about cinematic lighting. Benjamin has designed and moderated many seminars and master classes about cinematography, filmmaking and cinema. Benjamin is a consulting member of the AFC, and an associate member of the FSF and NSC.