IKFUmeå We Own It - Find Your Inner Entrepreneur- Phase 1

Arrangör Internationella kvinnoföreningen i Umeå (IKF) & Studieförbundet Västerbotten
Tid 2017-03-21 15:3018:00
Plats HUMlab-X Umeå University's Arts Campus Östra Strandgatan 30, 903 33. Umeå, ...
IKFWE: WE Own It - Success

WE Own It - Find Your Inner Entrepreneur

Welcome to our empowerment course for women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be.

We invite all women who are curious about entrepreneurship as a method to self-fulfilment and living a richer life.

Maybe you have an idea and want to start a business but are lacking the tools, skills and confidence to take the next step. Maybe you have been looking for a job for a while only to realise that the perfect job is the one you will create. Or maybe you are tired of being turned down and want a chance to show what you are capable of.

Whether you are looking to start a business to keep you busy full time, to make some extra money or just to see what you are truly capable of, this course will help you find out.

#IKFUmeå and #SVVästerbotten are inviting you to an entrepreneur course this spring, designed just for women and the most common problems we face trying to make it as entrepreneurs. The course is called “Women Entrepreneurs Own It” - or “WE Own It” - and this spring the focus will be to Find Your Inner Entrepreneur.

The course will be held in English and each session is three hours between 15.30-18.00, where we combine theory and practical activities. You should also expect some homework.

This is the course schedule for the spring:

Success - March 21th
Defining success and what it means to you, what are your biggest barriers and learning to visualise goals.

Focus - April 4th
Killing the myth of multitasking and learning to switch input for output. You get to create a new habit.

Time - April 25th

The day has limited amount of hours and because as women we never have enough, hacking your own life becomes essential.

Failure - May 9th

Things can not always go as planned, the difference lies in how you handle it and if you allow it to beat you.

Balance - May 23rd

In today’s overcrowded world, is it possible to achieve work-life balance? What effect does stress have on us?

Overcoming Prejudice - June 13
How are you viewed by other people and is that how you want to be perceived? How do you find a balance between fitting in and still being yourself?

We finish the semester with a validation of competencies where participants will receive a certificate confirming that you passed the course and confirming your skills and knowledge.

We have only 20 spots in the course and the cost is 450 sek for the whole semester. This investment includes, apart from the empowerment and network, also coffee break (fika) and course materials.

You can pay it at IKF:s plusgirokonto: 18 55 73-3.
Remember to write us an email with 1. your full name, 2. personal email that you will use during the course, 3. mobile number and 4. The bank receipt from the transaction.i

Organisers: Internationella Kvinnoföreningen i Umeå and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Västerbotten.

Email us if you have questions or would like to join: ikfumea@gmail.com
See you soon!