People-powered Transformation - A Design- & Architecture Symposium on Societal Transformation

Arrangör LTU
Tid 2023-09-28 09:0018:00
Plats Vetenskapens hus, Luleå
People-powered transformation

How do you create attractive, inclusive and sustainable living environments, with a focus on the role of humans in the green transition and societal transformation in the north?

We will investigate this further at the international design and architecture conference People-powered Transformation in Luleå on 28 September.

People-powered Transformation is a project run by Luleå University of Technology and is part of Sweden's new innovation initiative Impact Innovation which is financed by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency. 

Speakers among others; 

Christina Mellander, Director Danish Design Council

Ambra Trotto, design and research director of d.centre|EU at RISE and associate professor at Umeå Institute of Design

Tor Inge Hjelmdal, CEO DOGA Norway

Anna María Bogadóttir, Associate Professor in Architecture at the Iceland University of the Arts and Architecture