The Pitch & Presentation

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2023-04-14 09:0012:00
Plats Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö
The Pitch & Presentation

You have 7 seconds to make a lasting impression at a meeting and about 15 to 50 seconds to catch people's attention with your presentation.

In this workshop/lecture, you will be guided through the most important steps of pitching and presenting your work – from rhetoric and body language to presentation material and more.

The workshop will be facilitated by JOA FALKE, who is an Innovation Advisor at Malmö University's Innovation Office with a background in fintech.

The methods that will be used during the workshop, are the same that are being used in similar workshops with researchers and students at Malmö University and are based on a format developed at the Stanford University Research Institute. The method is called Value Creation Forum and is part of a larger methodology called 5DOI - Five Disciplines of Innovation.

::::: The workshop will be held in English :::::