Psychosynthesis & Couples' Therapy Step 2 Sexuality

Arrangör Eva Sanner
Tid 2023-09-01 09:0017:00
Early bird course
1250 kr
Full price course
1750 kr

A course online for therapists and coaches who work with couples and want to deepen their understanding about the theme sexuality and intimacy. 
Content: how we talk with couples about sex, which tools within psychosynthesis can be used to deepen the couples understanding of sexuality, how is sex and spirituality interconnected, how can we use the will to get over shame etc. 
Problem in relationships are closely connected to life situation, childhood experiences, communication problem and more. 

This course is for you who already have. therapeutic training, if you are not trained in Psychosynthesis but have another background, contact me. 
Seven training hours, you get a diploma after finishing the course. It is good but not necessary that you have taken Psychosynthesis & Couples Therapy Step 1 with me.

 You can reach me on or call me +46(0)709397063 for more information.