Menopause - The Journey

Arrangör Eva Sanner
Tid 2022-03-08 18:3021:30
Early bird Workshop
375 kr
Full price Workshop
500 kr

When women go through menopause, it can be a rough transition or a smooth journey. Many feel that they do not recognize themselves, their emotional reactions being different from before. Sleep deprivation, challenges in intimate relationships and sexuality not being like it used to be - all in all it can be tough journey. A journey that most women are not prepared for.

This workshop based on Psychosynthesis is aimed to better support women through this transition. When we see problems as challenges and can use our creativity we can find the gifts that every life phase offers.
In this workshop we focus on tools that can help to support women during menopause. Adapted visualizations, existential inquiries and including the archetypal transition from girl to maiden, mother and chrone, is a support not only for ourselves when go through this phase. We can also better support others when we have access to them. Menopausal women are not crazy but on an interesting journey to who they really are.

Online workshop 3 hours. Contact me for more info at