Week 8 - Lake District

Organizer Alisha
Time 2017-03-04 06:00
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Hey all! Ben Lairig are heading to the lakes once more in week 8!

If the trip is full sign up for reserves

So the lack of wintry weather continues to ruin our snow plans, so the trip will be open to all, regardless of whether you did winter skills.

The general plan is to head up Scafell Pike (tallest mountain in England) on the saturday - I will try and find an interesting (and hopefully scrambly) route up for us all to enjoy! Sunday isn't so set in stone yet but again I'm looking at a day of scrambling up another peak, maybe Great Gable, Yewbarrow, Buckbarrow etc (if those names mean anything to any of you...). Hopefully looking at doing around grade 2 scrambling :D

We will be camping in a campsite in Wasdale Head, the first BL camping trip of 2017 yay! It might be handy to note that the campsite belongs to a pub (http://wasdale.com/) and is therefore in arms reach of a warm and cosy atmosphere with plenty of bevvies and food... and also showers.

I'm thinking trip fees will be around £30 as the benefit of camping is that it is v cheap!  We'll be leaving early saturday morning around 5:30 ish too, so no need to pitch tents in the dark!

Any questions (or anything I have failed to mention) just holla!

Thank you!

Alisha xox