Lean Tribe Gathering: Organisationer

Arrangör Foo Café
Tid 2016-09-21 09:0012:00
Plats Stora Varvsgatan 6a, Malmö

Den 21:e september är det dags för en ny gathering i Malmö. Huvudtema denna gång kommer att vara: Organisationer.


09.00 – 10.30 
· Agenda presenteras inom kort

10.30 – 12.00
· Kaffe och open space planering
· Open space session 1
· Open space session 2

12.00 - 13.00 Gemensam lunchmacka för dom som vill stanna och snacka

Joakim Sahlberg: I work as an agile coach for Netlight Consulting in London and I'm truly passionate about creating high performing teams and helping organizations improve through agile adoption. I am an agilist, systems thinker and a philosopher about how underlying principles and deeply rooted human behavior affect us in modern organizations.

About the presentation:
Antifragile Organizations: The term antifragile as used by author Nassim Nicolas Taleb refers to a systems ability to, not only adapt and absorb random events in its operating environment, but also evolve beyond the state when the event occurred. 
I will talk about how we can create antifragile organizations in the context of software development and how agile can help us get there. This is based on experience and observations from both Sweden and the UK in industries such as financial, e-health and telecom.

Anna Lundbergh: Anna Lundbergh (Ek magister i management, Lunds universitet) har 15 års erfarenhet av att arbeta med verksamhetsutveckling, i näringslivet och inom offentlig sektor. Hon arbetar nu som oberoende konsult. Anna är även initiativtagare till Teal for teal Malmö, ett forum för att utforska nya organisationsformer med avstamp i boken ”Reinventing Organizations”.

About the presentation:
En etablerad organisation är optimerad för att leverera resultat. Som en konsekvens är den då inte lika bra på att hantera varken avvikelser eller förändring. Ett sätt att hantera förändring kan vara att skapa ett nätverk inom organisationen, en självorganiserande grupp. Vilka är fördelarna? Vilka svårigheter stöter man på och hur kan man tackla dem?
Anna Lundbergh delar med sig av sina erfarenheter från att leda och coacha självorganiserande grupper i flera olika organisationer.

Michael Rozenberg & Camilla Dahle
Michael: As team coach as ustwo Michael is part of a team that focus on culture, processes and projects. Over the last ten years Michael has worked in the intersection between business and IT to implement Agile and people focused principles to deliver more value to customers. He is currently leading one of the studio teams working with game development.

Camilla: As a Lead UX designer at ustwo Camilla has a passion for creating meaningful digital services. Which is why she increasingly over the past years has been working with the magic synergy between people, organizations and digital products. Over the past 12 years she has been designing all types of products in startups as well as in global organizations.

About the presentation:
Unleash collective genius - the ustwo way: How do you build a truly people focused organisation - a Fampany? A company that focus on the people who work in it, the people we work with and people in the business? For ustwo it is all about relationships and meaning! 

This talk will be about how ustwo built a strong collaborative culture. What our values are and how they are integrated and realised in our daily work. Because culture is not something you have it’s something you do! The way ustwo is run resonates loud and clear with the principles from Management 3.0 and Agile. We hope to inspire others to take the same path.