WIN OPEN WATER, June 1, 2016

Arrangör WIN - Water Innovation Accelerator
Tid 2016-06-01 13:30
Plats Ideon Agora, Ideon Science Park, Scheelevägen 15, Lund, Sweden, Lund
WIN OPEN WATER, 13.30-16.45, June 1, 2016
WIN Testbed Meeting, 16.15-17.45, June 1, 2016
Innovation BBQ, 18 to late, June 1, 2016

How to make good business while increasing the speed of change in the water area

13.30-15.45, June 1, 2016

  • Open Innovation in a network - The WIN Model - Maria Sätherström Lantz, WIN
  • Soleva - reducing hunger by innovative dehydration - Randi Phinny, Soleva
  • How to do business with Alfa Laval as a small water company -Klas Bertilsson, Alfa Laval
  • The future of Ideon Science Park and the need for professional networks - Mia Rolf, CEO, Ideon
  • Water Innovations I would like to see - David Gustavsson, VA SYD / Sweden Water Reasearch
  • How to do business with a water utility - The Innovation Committee of VA SYD - HB Wittgren, VA SYD
  • Novel optimisation of waste water precipitation - Björn Olsson, CEO, Flocell
Networking using The WIN Mingle Map
WIN Testbed Meeting
16.15 - 17.45, June 1, 2016

After the seminar we will arrange a Testbed meeting. Water related innovation companies from Denmark, Sweden and Norway will pitch their innovations to a qualified panel from Malmö, Lund, VA Syd, AlfaLaval and more. Welcome to join us.

Innovation BBQ
18.00 - late, June 1, 2016

We hope that you want to stay and mingle after the meeting. Join us for a free Innovation BBQ at Ideon Agora, Ideon Science Park.

Sign up no later than May 27.

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