The Future is Now

Arrangör Future by Lund
Tid 2015-12-01 09:0013:00
Plats Ideon Agora Venue: Square Scheelevägen 15, Lund

On December 1 we’re going to give you a really nice gift, an entire day about space, innovation, change, business and sustainable cities.  

We’re also going to tell you about the first two years of Future by Lund. What did we learn? What’s our story? Who did we meet? And then continue by telling you what we’re going to do. I promise, you can’t wait to hear about this. 

We’re going to start the day by presenting two incredible keynote speakers; Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design, and Frank Kresin, Waag Society. There’s also going to be a panel discussion about how cities, international players as well as big and small organizations can work together with innovation.

 In the afternoon (13:00-14:30) all of you can sign up for three workshops that investigate electrification of urban transport, how you can engage citizens in science & change and the future of lights. Last but not least, we're gonna have an awesome After Work

Do you want to see the program? Know more about the speakers? Sign up for a workshop? No problem, just click here - The future starts now! 

Tickets to the event and the workshops are free but limited, so first come, first served.