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Apply Human Rights appreciate your support to our work.


 Your support means that we can continue to operate the website, provide more optional languages, keep it being updated and apply the technology to improve the readability. 

Apply Human Rights was founded in 2008 and is a non-governmental non-profit organization based in Stockholm.


Your support will help people to access the information on human rights, and increase the availability of knowledges about the international and regional remedies when any human rights violation happens.


Your donation will allow us to introduce more languages (at home) and most importantly develop the website into a handy-used modern style website, easy to use. Our financial reports are continuously recor


Work of Apply Human Rights is performed on a voluntary basis and all your donation will be used on the development of the website and its fixed costs.  Only the specific task when we are requested to provide a legal service for the client that sets a certain budges allows the reimbursment to lawyers concerned. 

With your support Apply Human Rights will have a more simple modern style while the quality of its functions and contents is assured. 

Best regards,

Stellan Gärde



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