REGISTRATION Space Innovation Forum 2023

Arrangör RIT2021
Date 2023-09-19 12:002023-09-20 13:00
Plats Scandic Hotel, Kiruna
Space Innovation Forum


– impact learning for a sustainable future


We look forward to share valueable insights and inspiring examples of REAL impact of collaboration and innovation spanning 8 years. 
    – The RIT project has attracted national and international recognition as a benchmark and success story of collaboration and innovation to drive regional development. We have grown the number of space companies in the region fourfold and built nearly twenty industry-academia research partnerships, says Johanna Bergström-Roos, RIT-project leader at LTU Business.

On 19-20 we will take a long, hard look at questions like: 
- What we can learn and improve for the future? 
- What's next for the space sector?
- What can other sectors and innovation platforms take away from RIT?

Programme: Impact learning for a sustainable future

From test-beds and a pool of international talent, to innovation support and business development for startups, this conference aims to share lessons that are transferable to other industries and regions, as well as putting a spotlight on what’s to come.

Day 1

12:00 Lunch


Impact report – RIT by Numbers

What can we learn from RIT and RIT2021? Oxford Research analysis

How to build arenas for collaboration

Part I: Industry-academia research partnerships

Part II: Establishing open test-beds

Part III: Stakeholder engagement

Space Innovation Awards ceremony & dinner

Day 2

09:00 Welcome

Sustainability in the future space sector

The future for northern Sweden’s space eco-system

12:30 Conclusion and lunch