Organising and Organisations: Workshop on new organisational structure and culture

Arrangör Nyföretagarcenter Syd & Kävlinge kommun
Tid 2022-06-16 11:0012:30
Plats Folkuniversitetet Malmö, Regementsgatan 4, Malmö, Malmö

How can an organisational structure and culture be created where humans can thrive and prosper while honoring corporate values and higher purpose achieving desired outcome?

or more explicit:

How to create an organisation embracing human flourishing and the eternal potential

Description of the event
We have identified the need to both create new forms of organizations and the need to develop leaders who can handle complexity and a rapidly changing world – dynamic living organizations and leaders with the ability to facilitate the transformation towards a paradigm shift. All life in our fantastic world is self-organizing and self-healing. So why shouldn’t life in an organization also be that?

We will today explore and experience in an embodied learning new ways to organise that embrace human flourishing and the eternal potential.