Modern Youths

Arrangör Söderportgymnasiet
Tid 2022-06-03 08:3014:00
Plats Söderportgymnasiet (Aulan), Västra Boulevarden 53, 291 31 Kristianstad , Kris...
Modern Youths


The Future Is Ours

Have you ever wanted to change the world with nothing simpler than your words? Have you ever wanted to share your experiences, knowledge, hopes and dreams with others around you? Well, now is your chance!! 

ModernYouths is an event that aims to inspire and motivate young adults around the world. We put emphasis on today’s youth as those are the ones that, not too many years from now, will grow and become our leaders. Our actions and how we express ourselves have more impact today than ever before, but the only way for us to make a sustainable change in the world is whether or not we have the courage to make our voices heard! Through this event we hope to present a different perspective of the world which creates the ambitions needed for us to make the world a better place.

ModernYouths 2018 and 2019 were a success. We were able to create a day which was filled with a spirit of inspiration and positivity. Through our event we were successful in presenting ideas and perspectives which encouraged the audience to reflect on a wider level and have a different vision of the future. You can find all the speeches and performances on our YouTube channel: 

And ModernYouths will be back on the third of June 2022, where we will be holding more inspiring speeches, better performances, greater visions and ambitions as we express ourselves with courage for the third time on the stage. 

If you want to experience an event of this caliber, listen to people's stories and dreams, or just have an outright good time watching phenomenal dances and a choir, then sign up your name on this page, but be quick because we only have a limited amount of seats available. The sign up ends on May first.