Literary evening

Arrangör Biblioteket och Expat & friends
Tid 2021-10-01 18:0020:00
Plats Västerbottens rummet Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå
Literatur evening

"It is a pleasure to welcome you all for this literary evening where you will meet Jennifer Claywood, Anders Steinvall and Paul Connolly.

Anders Steinvall is a journalist and author and has written the newly published book ”Batterifabriken: Skellefteå och resan mot framtidslandet”. He tells the story behind Northvolt’s decision to build the battery factory here in Skellefteå. 

Jennifer Claywood, a dual citizen of both the US and Sweden, is a science and art teacher by day, eclectic writer by night. Jennifer looks forward to introducing her debut novel “While Sleeping” and what she is working on next.

In the UK, Paul Connolly was a writer and editor for Reuters, The Times, Daily Mail, and Metro (he remains the newspaper's literary critic). Paul will introduce his plan for an English-language magazine in Skellefteå, a proposal that has been welcomed by the local authorities and Northvolt.

Welcome you all for this literary evening in English... 


Signed books and sales available at the event.