A Careful Strike / En omsorgsfull strejk

Arrangör Mint
Tid 2020-12-03 12:002021-02-21 18:00
Plats ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm
12-14 Öppning 3 dec slot 1
14-16 Öppning 3 dec slot 2
16-18 Öppning 3 dec slot 3
18-20 Öppning 3 dec slot 4
12-14, 5 dec
14-16, 5 dec
12-14, 9 dec
14-16, 9 dec
16-18, 9 dec
12-14, 10 dec
14-16, 10 dec
16-18, 10 dec
12-14, 12 dec
14-16, 12 dec
12-14, 16 dec
14-16, 16 dec
16-18 16 dec

Mint presents A Careful Strike*; a group show that departs from the monumental painting The History of the Workers Movement by the metal worker, musician and artist Ruben Nilson (1893–1971), permanently installed at ABF Stockholm. Painted during a ten year period around 1940. Following a tradition of workers’ art, the collective struggle for emancipation is at the centre of Nilson’s painting. 

Participants: Bini Adamczak, Agentur, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Black Audio Film Collective (John Akomfrah), Henrik Andersson, Problem Collective, Chto Delat, Harun Farocki, Andria Nyberg Forshage, Dora García, Benj Gerdes, Stefano Harney, Salad Hilowle, Sam Hultin, Ingela Johansson, Hanni Kamaly, Judith Kiros, Patrick Kretschek, Julia Lindblom, Mattin, Minus Miele, Alessandra Mincone, Fred Moten, Papis Ndiaye, Ruben Nilson, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Gudrun Olsson, Yolanda Aurora Bohm Ramirez, Oliver Ressler, Jenny Richards, Bella Rune, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Karl Sjölund, Iris Smeds, Hito Steyerl, Margareta Ståhl, Hannah Wiker Wikström, Mathias Wåg.

The exhibition follows Nilson’s artwork both in its ambition and challenge: What does the reproduction of a movement’s history entail? What different roles can art play in social movements and through which expressions? How is art engaged in today’s movements? A dialogue with the specific struggles and the histories that inform Nilson’s composition of intertwined visual narratives, structured through visible conjoined cuts form the curatorial framework of the exhibition. The works historical connections to contemporary situations are put in relation to what is missing within the frame – the histories and experience that are left out while establishing a prevalent worker’s history.

A Careful Strike* is an exhibition and a public program where workers’ art is confronted with Swedish and international contemporary works. The form and history of social movements are reflected through situated experiences of migration, care, exploitation and struggle. Through songs, poetry, talks, and artworks historical events and issues are made visible in a conversation on our current condition. What do we need to remember and what is to be done to win back the future?