‘Beyond catch words’; How to build strong systems in reality?

Organizer Webinar organised by Sida in cooperation with WaterAid Sweden
Time 2020-11-05 09:0011:00
Location Webinar, Online

‘Beyond catch words’; How to build sustainable systems in reality?

Join this seminar and learn more from WaterAid and Sida, Folkhälsomyndigheten, ICLD and H&M Foundation about how we, from our different sectors and perspectives, work in practice and partnerships for sustainable and inclusive systems.  

This seminar offers insight in practising what we have learned. By sharing our learnings and experiences we hope to inspire others to join us in our strive to build resilient, empowered populations and accountable governments through partnership, to improve lives and fast track the achievement of the SDGs.

Strong systems that takes the needs and rights of populations into account is an absolute foundation for long lasting societal change; to achieve sustainable and inclusive reductions in poverty, improvements in health and quality of life, and the universal realisation of human rights. Systems strengthening approaches challenge traditional ways of working and financing for development and humanitarian aid, and we recognise that strengthening systems cannot be done in isolation but needs to be a cross-sector and collective effort.

Join us in accelerating systems approaches for inclusion and sustainability.

The event is held in the scope of WaterAid’s release of the Global Learning Report; System Strengthening for inclusive lasting WASH that transforms peoples' lives From WaterAid's H&M Foundation funded Sustainable WASH programme. Welcome to read the full report here, and learn more about the programme here