Live: Digital visit to Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetery

Arrangör Stadsmuseet, Stockholm City Museum
Plats Link to the live-stream will be sent to all in the afternoon of September 18t...

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The importance of the Woodland Cemetery for Stockholmers cannot be overestimated. For 100 years, the site has been revered by people facing life’s most difficult passage, dealing with the passing of a beloved relative or friend, or visiting graves and the Remembrance Garden to recall loved ones. But also as a place to visit for reflection or rest, or simply to experience its beauty.

It is a place that inspires many emotions and with its respect for the natural contours of the landscape and the composition of the buildings comforts visitors, reminding us of life’s progress and its cycle.

For 25 years, the cemetery has belonged to all humanity following its listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site, to be preserved for all time.