Online bootcamp overcome underearning

Arrangör Anna Åberg
Tid 2020-04-17 12:002020-04-18 12:00
Plats Online, Online
Bootcamp Overcoming Underearning
1875 kr
EFA student (free) Bootcamp Overcoming Underearning

Overcome underearning!

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Via zoom (included for students in (Extended Freedom Academy)
  2. See recorded lectures (only for students in Extended Freedom Academy)

Changes in schedule may happen.

April 17

kl 12 Lunch together via zoom

kl 13 Fear inventory and meditation 

kl 14 What is underearning and underbeing 

kl 15 Swedish fika

kl 15.30 Group coaching about underearning

kl 16.30 Gratitude inventory 

kl 17.00 End

April 18

kl 7.30 Ten minutes yin yoga

kl 7.45 Fear inventory och meditation 

kl 8 Breakfast

kl 9 Tools to manage underearning and underbeing. 

kl 9.30 Group coaching

kl 11 Swedish fika

kl 11.30 Gratitude inventory

kl 12 End