For the Amazon - our planet, our future

Arrangör ALIGHT Anna Larsson
Tid 2019-12-12 12:0013:00
Plats The Great Northern, Skellefteå
Föreläsning 12/12

For the Amazon Rainforest, for our planet, for our future –
Welcome to this free event, an open lecture at The Great Northern december 12 at 12.00! 

It is well known that the Amazon Rainforest is being burned and destroyed. The effect of this on our planet is enormous, since it’s unique ecosystems produces and recycles much of our planets oxygen. 

All of us are thinking: how can I help?

What can we in Sweden do to protect and preserve the rainforest? 

What can I do and how can my company contribute? 

How can we do sustainable business?

As part of the efforts to help in the education of protecting and caring for the future of both the Amazon and our planet, Anna Larsson, ALIGHT I Skellefteå is inviting Richard Aguayo, a specialist from Peru to give a series of educational conferences and public presentations in Sweden where he will share the ancient sacred Amazon-Andean wisdom and ceremonies. 

The purpose of this meeting is multiple:

To promote understanding and respect between western and native cultures. 

To explain first-hand the native approach to respecting and protecting the Amazon. 

And lastly, but by no means least, to help people understand and assist these endangered cultures, in an attempt to preserve both their culture and their natural environment - the Amazon Rainforest – the biggest natural ‘pharmacy’ on our planet.

We warmly welcome you to this approximately 45 minutes of ancient wisdom and presenting new ways of living and leading our lives for ourselves, for our children and for our children´s children 7 generations to come.

Anna Larsson, ALIGHT i Skellefteå is a participant of the project Go Business in Skellefteå, located at The Great Northern.

ALIGHT is dedicated to supporting the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and Annas vision is to spread the wisdom from native indigenous cultures and lifestyles in Peru as a way to contribute to a conscious and sustainable way of life and leadership in the western world.

Richard Aguayo is Director of Pachamama School Organization, a specialist in Amazon and Andean native cultures and the diverse ecosystems of Peru. Richard has presented many seminars over the last 35 years throughout Europe and America, including at the White House in Washington DC.

For the last 24 years Richard Aguayo has been developing various projects in the Andes and Amazonia of Peru, to help stop the unbroken destruction of the Amazon and therefore our planet – our own existence…

The lecture is in English, the event is free, all you have to do is to reserve your spot by signing up

We are looking forward to meet you at The Great Northern,
Anna Larsson and Richard Aguayo