SAST Öresund Q4 2019

Organisation SAST Öresund
Time 2019-12-04 17:3020:00
Location Nordenskiöldsgatan 8, Floor 3, Elevator B, Malmö
SAST Öresund Q4

Welcome to SAST Öresunds' Q4-meeting, 2019.

Please join us and listen to a couple of really interesting talks.

Eat some of our food... plus meet and talk to a bunch of other great testers.

You will get educated - for free.
You will get to talk to other testers - for free.
And you will get to eat tasty food - for free.

... so why haven't you signed up already? :)

Welcome, all members of SAST Öresund, to the fourth and last Q-meeting of 2019!
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Time and Location:

Location: Sogeti, Nordenskiöldsgatan 8, Malmö
Date: 4/12, 2019
Time: 17:30
Cost:  FREE 
Register latest on Sunday the 1'st of December, 2019.

Speech 1

Johan Hoberg, King.

Building a QA Mindset

As a tester in a cross functional team you should be helping the rest of the team to raise their competence in your engineering discipline, just as you learn from them.

A part of this is to build the right QA mindset.
But building a mindset is far from trivial, and requires a lot of experience and training.

In this presentation I will share my learnings and experiences with trying to achieve this, from my time working at Sony Mobile and King. 

Speech 2

Peter Hauschulz, Software Test Engineer, HumanIT

Assert yourself: How to leverage security tools to increase quality of testing

Security testing is often seen as a mysterious and foreboding domain, where people enshrouded in hooded masks wield mystical powers to influence technology in ways that should be impossible. Vulnerabilities, hacks, disclosures, exploits and other spooky concepts seem to be the primary powers in this dark digital Mordor.

But we need not treat these rumours as fact, and in this talk we will not only explore and demystify these concepts, but we will also map them to the foundational concepts of testing in a way that enables everyone to begin comfortably integrating security into their existing workflow and knowledge base. Not only that, but we will even take it one step further and learn how to use simple and freely available security testing tools to enhance our existing test actions and strategies.

Note: This presentation is OS agnostic and welcomes all web application software platforms.

Peter is a Software Test Engineer/Security Tester who holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Integrative Physiology, with a focus on the influence of group perception, behavior, and pathology. His work experiences include a wide range of oddities beyond computers, from shelving library books to disaster relief and the autopsy suite. He persists in playing guitar, drums and any other instrument he can shoe-horn into a metal band or any other musical project. He is currently employed by HumanIT and the primary test engineer for a small team in Axis.


17:30 - SAST Öresund says hello to the visitors
17:35 - Presentation of the Sponsor
17:50 - Johan Hoberg
18:35 - Food and Mingel
19:15 - Peter Hauschulz
20:00 - End of fun!


Register latest on Sunday the 1'st of December.

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