Kevin Anderson - Can meaningful hope spring from revealing the depth of our climate failure?

Arrangör Green Innovation Park
Plats Växthuset, Ulls väg 29C, Green Innovation Park Uppsala, Uppsala

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Welcome to Greenspiration hour - 3 600 seconds of inspiration.

Green Innovation Park is proud to welcome world renowned Professor of Energy and Climate Change - Kevin Anderson.

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in.

                                                     - Leonard Cohen


Peel away the layers of dangerously naïve hope and unfounded optimism and the mitigation challenge posed by the Paris Agreement now demands the rapid and profound re-shaping of contemporary society. Whilst the models dominating the mitigation agenda employ evermore exotic and speculative technologies to remain ‘politically palatable’, the arithmetic of emissions increasingly embeds equity at the heart of any mathematically cogent strategy. Dress it up however we may like, the Parisian mitigation agenda is ultimately a rationing issue. Until we are prepared to acknowledge this, we will continue our reckless pathway towards a 3-5°C future.


Against such a depressing backdrop, do the rapid emergence of new and vociferous constituencies and the heightened profile of climate change suggest early cracks and the prospect of new light?

When? October 23, 12.00-13.15 

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Where? Växthuset, Ulls väg 29C, Green Innovation Park Uppsala

Limited seats - last day to register, October 20

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