Space evening at Stockholm Makerspace

Tid 2019-10-04 18:0020:00
Plats Drottning Kristinas väg 53, Stockholm

Shake 'n' Make #9
Theme: SPACE

Welcome to an evening of short and energizing lightening talks! The following invited speakers & doers get 5-7 min to do their thing: 

* Emily Freeland, Astronomer and Community Manager at Stockholm University. There is a massive black hole at the center of every galaxy and they are all messy eaters.

* Ariel Borenstein is a journalist and writes about the space industry at He is a member of the board of Swedish Space Society, a group that was formed 1984. Ariel will tell us about NASAs plans to build a space station in orbit around the moon and ESAs plans to build a base on the surface of the moon, using big 3D-printers.

* Mikael Ingemyr, Astronomisk Ungdom, will show how simple astronomical instruments, rockets, probes and satellites today can be constructed and used by students and the youth. Space is more available than ever before!

* Borika (Borbala) Bernus will provide a glimpse into what it was like being immersed amongst the aerospace community in California. She recently interned at NASA’s Ames Research Center within the Coded Structures Laboratory (CSL) and will share some insight both into the Research Center itself and the Automated Reconfigurable Mission Adaptive Digital Assembly Systems (ARMADAS) project in which she was involved. She will share some of the work methodologies, prototyping and construction tools utilised as well as briefly looking at potential applications for autonomous construction capabilities/ adaptive structures.

* Johan Gärdebo, historian of technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Environing technology: sensing and shaping the environment with satellite images. Johan will give a brief history on how satellite images have been an environing technology – that is, a means to both sense and shape the Earth’s environment. His research so far has analysed how Swedish satellite remote sensing expertise during late twentieth century contributed to environmental monitoring and management.

* Jan-Erik Wahlund, Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Protecting Earth from down-falling asteroids: The Hera mission to an asteroid aims in finding out if we can push it away from a hit on Earth. The travel to Jupiter: Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) will soon be launched toward Jupiter and its icy moons. Follow me on the current preparations and the expected investigations we hope to do in a few years time.

* From idea to Mars! Susanna Lewenhaupt and Marcus Pettersson will talk about their creation Have we gone to Mars yet? a scientific radio series about space and the research needed to put a person on Mars. It's the story of how they came up with the idea for the show just over 2,5 years ago, and how they used their own resources to realize the project in the spring 2019 and make the show what it is today.

* Arshak Ulubabyan is the founder and CTO of satellite AI-startup Spacept. Spacept is securing global infrastructure with zero carbon emissions, tackling climate change and preventing storm damages and deadly fires. Previously he built his own cryptocurrency startup and worked as software engineer at the unicorn scaleup Truecaller and Teradata. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and loves to make the planet more sustainable with technology.

* Emil Vinterhav: CEO and Co-Founder of PASQ, will talk about the Moonhouse art project.

* Ebba Kierkegaard is exploring the space innovation ecosystem and what it takes to get your space startup off the ground. Spoiler: one way is to use Google Earth Engine and ready-to-use datasets provided by the European Space Agency to develop your MVP, write a business plan and apply for the ESA business incubation centre in Sweden.

* CANCELLED * Johnnie Hård, GIS-developer, map maker and all around tinkerer. From the eye of the space bird, through your hands, to your ears. The Touchy Spacey Data Thingy is a device for the sonification of data. A cross between a piece of art and a cartridge based games console.

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Welcome all Makers of Space at Stockholm MakerSpace! 
This time the event will be held mainly in English. 

Shake'n'Make is a series of events held at Stockholm Makerspace over the years. Previous events have been themed Hardware and PCB's, Craft and the City, Maker to Market, etc.