Create a Sustainable Future - Open Space: How can we increase consciousness

Organizer Emprogage AB
Time 2019-06-19 15:0017:00
Location Hammarby Kaj 18, 120 30 Stockholm, Stockholm
Create a Sustainable Future - Open Space

Calling Question: How can we increase engagement and rise consciousness in the society?
The workshop is open and free of charge.
Welcome to co-create!

The Workshop
Open Space is an engaging and co-creative workshop methodology appropriate for complex issues. It makes people participate in dialogues that matters and you can both contribute and learn at the same time.

The workshop is a part of "Business Opportunities in a Conscious and Circular Economy", a development program for an Executive MBA class from California State University Long Beach (CSULB).

Date, Time and Place
June 19th 15-17
Hammarby Kaj 18, 120 30 Stockholm

Stellan Nordahl and Pontus Rystedt

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June 19th, 12.30-14 - Creating a Business in the New Paradigm

June 20th, 13-17 - Creating a Sustianable Business - World Café and Story Creation "How can we create business opportunities in circular economy in LA" 
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We work for what is BEST FOR THE WORLD. We choose EMPATHY before sympathy, PROACTIVITY over reactivity, ENGAGEMENT before attendance and LOVE before fear. We also choose AND and BOTH instead of either or or. INCLUDING WE as entity instead of we and they. We choose DISCUSSION and DIALOGUE instead of debate and polemics. And we LISTEN and pose questions to UNDERSTAND instead of questioning. We CLARIFY, ILLUSTRATE and ADJUST rather than explain and correct.