Creating a Business in the New Paradigm - The New Paradigm Tool Workshop

Arrangör Emprogage AB
Malmö - May 21st - 10.00-11.30
Helsingborg - May 29th - 08.15-09.45
SLU Alnarp - May 29th - 14.00-15.30
Copenhagen - June 12th - 16.00-17.30
Stockholm - June 19th - 12.30-14.00
Almedalen - July 3rd - 8.30-9.45

Twenty years from now, looking back, we will see that we were in the middle of a major shift.

Intentional Decisions is a compelling model for raising awareness of the possibility of choice (a variety of choices), and empowers us with the ability to decide (the process of choosing, i.e. pick one).

We will transform some of the most used tools for business development into the new paradigm. We will look into how for example the strategy tool SWOT can be used in the new paradigm. The findings will be both useful in our day-to-day work as well as a foundation on a meta-level to understand how to transform existing tools, models and concepts to the new paradigm.

Summer 2017 Intentional Decision formed thought model for Innovizion Arena the largest arena at Almedalen – focusing on innovations and visions for a sustainable society and new world perception. We firmly believe Intentional Decisions can help us make the shift from becoming the best in the world to make us all being best for the world! The Intentional Decision model is design criteria for 'Ship of a New Story - Destination Future', an Almedalen plattform 2020-2022.

• Business Model Canvas (Business development)
• Lean Start up Machine (Start up)
• SWOT-analysis (Strategics)
• Nabc (Pitching)
• IMGD (Group development)
• GROW (Coaching)

Places and Dates
MALMÖ - May 21st, 10.00-11.30, Medeon Science Park F2+F3, Per Albin Hanssons väg 41
HELSINGBORG - May 29th, 8.15-9.45, Mindpark Auditoriet, Bredgatan 11
ALNARP - May 29th, 14.00-15.30, SLU Stora Sessionssalen, Slottsvägen 6
COPENHAGEN - June 12th, 16.00-17.30, SUND Hub Hack, Norre Allé 41
STOCKHOLM - June 19th, 12.30-14.00, Smart City Sweden, Hammarby kaj 18
ALMEDALEN - July 3rd, 8.30-9.45, Fenomenalen Science Center

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The event is also a part of Skåne Innovation Week and the Almedalen program.

Stellan Nordahl, Alexandra Skoglund, Pontus Rystedt, Ulrica Fager, Jens Rinnelt, Jan Magnusson, Ann-Charlotte Hammar

We work for what is BEST FOR THE WORLD. We choose EMPATHY before sympathy, PROACTIVITY over reactivity, ENGAGEMENT before attendance and LOVE before fear. We also choose AND and BOTH instead of either or or. INCLUDING WE as entity instead of we and they. We choose DISCUSSION and DIALOGUE instead of debate and polemics. And we LISTEN and pose questions to UNDERSTAND instead of questioning. We CLARIFY, ILLUSTRATE and ADJUST rather than explain and correct.