Managing corruption risks – Practices

Arrangör Institutet Mot Mutor, Transparency International Sverige och Utrikesdepartementet
Tid 2019-06-13 08:0010:00
Plats Bankhallen, UD Malmtorgsgatan 3, Stockholm
Managing corruption risks – Practices

What are the risks of doing business in complex markets? What can we do to prevent or to minimize the risks of corruption and bribery in export markets? What are the tools for coping with these risks? How can business increase leverage to change?

Please come join us to discuss the challenges with corruption together with experts from the OECD, Business Sweden, and prominent business leaders. This unique seminar is organized by the Government Offices, the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute and Transparency International Sweden. Minister Linde will deliver a speech on key messages and the Government policy.

The seminar is held at Bankhallen, UD, between 08.30-10.00. Coffee and registration from 08.00. Welcome!