Humanities Tech KTH: Crowds

Organizer Patrik Svensson
Time 2019-05-20 15:0017:00
Location Openlab, KTH, Stockholm
Humanities Tech KTH: Crowds

Humanities Tech KTH events explore the intersection of the humanities, human and technology with a particular focus on critical and constructive engagement with socio-technological systems.

The May 20 event will be a conversation about crowds. 'Crowd' is a rich and very current concept - historically, politically and technologically - that foregrounds tensions between the individual and the collective, the virtuous/communal and the threatening/monstrous, and the controllable and uncontrollable. 

Keywords: Antiquity, fascism, (social) media, political posters, sensor technology, crowd simulation (software), supervised infrastructure, collective programmed bodies, cities, designing for both crowds and publics

Invited participants include:
Dan Hill (Vinnova, Visiting prof at UCL Bartlett IIPP; Adjunct prof at RMIT)
Jeffrey Schnapp, Harvard University
Anna Ådahl, Royal College of Art, London

Additional invited participants may be added. Feel free to give input and suggestions in the registration form. 

The event is open to anyone interested (registration required).

Please note that there will be a Digital Humanities Stockholm event the following day (May 21): More information/registration here

Selected sources (more will be added):

"Jeffrey Schnapp on the Phenomenon of Crowds", Entitled Opinions with Robert Harrison. Interview (audio). 2005.

See here for more information on the Humanities Tech event series.