Skye 2019 16th - 23rd March

Organizer Ben Lairig
Time 2019-03-16 19:002019-03-23 19:00
Skye 2019 16th - 23rd March

Hey excited mountaineers!

So, this is the sign-up email for our Easter trip. As said before we're heading to the stunning isle of Skye from Saturday 16th March to Saturday 23rd.
Currently we have 18 places available, but we will be using a sign-up and then spaces we be allocated by Friday evening. The trip will cost  £200 and we will be collecting a deposit of £100 in the next few weeks. Food will be sorted in groups which we'll sort out for you guys.

The trip we run slightly differently to our usual trips as people are expected to plan their own routes so get planning or ask some older members if you're planning on coming. 

Make sure you have all the needed kit here and please say what winter equipment you need on the sign-up.

As this is a winter trip, you will need to have done winter skills in order to come, but please do not be put off if you do not feel you have much experience! You must also be a fully paid Ben Lairig member or you feel the wrath of the Treasurer Matt.

Oh and last thing - Skye hasn't been volcanic for millions of years... (Alisha 😉)

Aaron (pres)🤴 and Darci 👸 (secretary)💜