Dreaming of a Better Life

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Dreaming of a Better Life
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Throughout history, people have been standing by the waterfront, trying to imagine a different life across the waters. 

The movement of individuals and families looking for a better life has indeed been a progressive force in the world. At the same time, this progress often comes at a high price for the individual. Constant longing for children and families left behind are the harsh facts behind export figures and flourishing economies.    

So, who are these migrant workers? Who are the hard working fishers who can never afford to have fish for dinner? Who are the young women searching for a decent job, but instead ending up exploited in trafficking? And the domestic workers who eventually have a closer relationship with their employers' children than their own – who are they?

Dreaming of a Better Life will answer some of these questions, conveying the voices of people making unimaginable sacrifices to improve the living conditions for their families back home. Photojournalist Stefan F. Lindberg's pictures take us on a journey through a world few people like to acknowledge. Lennart Johnsson's narration completes the pictures and deepens the understanding, sharing the life stories of migrant workers and their families.

Dreaming of a Better Life is the first book in a series of four about the migrant workers of the world: The red book illustrates migration in South and Southeast Asia, the following books will cover Africa, Europe and South and Latin America.