The Future of Citizen Tech

Arrangör Stockholm Makerspace
Time 2018-09-04 18:0019:00
Location Drottning Kristinas väg 53, Stockholm
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Welcome to Sweden’s largest independent machine park.

Every tech company starts as an idea and a prototype. Stockholm Makerspace features 300 sqm of tech – made, funded and run by people like you and I – and its existence is proof of people's power. Together we renovated, fitted, crowd-sourced and now share an underground machine park.

KTH engineers and architects drop by to use the largest laser cutter on campus, and machine parts for the Formula car. Biotechnology departments teach genetic engineering to citizens in our biolab, and we feature full-on metallurgy and woodshops besides our 3D-printers, electronics prototyping, silver smith and welding facilities.

Every member makes Stockholm Makerspace what it is, and it's sustainable because people are awesome. The desire to create and shape one's own reality runs deep, and the Makerspace makes it possible. We're a 400 member strong non-profit NGO and we're starting to organize across Sweden. We make things, things don't make us.

Drop by for a tour, and be part of the citizen tech revolution.