Workshop on digitalization

Organizer Energiforsk
Time 2018-04-26 08:00
Location Forsmark
Workshop April 26

Part 1, before lunch: Information exchange nuclear/hydro focused on maintenance

On April 26 we have planned an information exchange between nuclear and hydro, in connection to a Swedish/Norwegian hydro power project called Monitor X focused on optimal utilization of hydropower asset lifetime by monitoring of technical condition and risk. In this project, Swedish and Norwegian hydro power producers, consultants, suppliers and researchers have identified a number of case studies where they are using digitalization for predictive maintenance. I have included a brief project overview, and the project also has its own web. The information exchange is hosted by Forsmark through Emil Ohlson. During this workshop the MonitorX group will share practical experience from their ongoing case studies and Forsmark will share information from their work on predictive maintenance. There could also be presentations from other nuclear power plants, focused on maintenance/asset management and digitalization.


Part 2, after lunch: Workshop to identify R&D needs within nuclear and digitalization

During this workshop we will have discussions on R&D needs within nuclear and digitalization, to identify possible activities that are suitable to work with through Energiforsk. The workshop will be led by Anders Wik.