Copyright & Contracts

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2024-06-11 13:3016:00
Plats STPLN - Kommendanthuset, Malmöhusvägen 5., Malmö
Copyright & Contracts

In today's digital age, where creativity knows no bounds, it has become crucial for artists, writers, musicians, and other creators to understand and protect their intellectual property. This course covers news and tips in the area of ​​copyright from the artist's perspective. During the workshop we will go through a music contract and discuss the meaning of certain contract concepts and clauses. We will also look at how new technologies can affect how we relate to copyright and contractual rights from a perspective beneficial to the artist.

What you will get:
- Latest news about copyright
- Basic knowledge of copyright
- An agreement template that you should be able to use for your own use
- Knowledge of tokenization and how the new technology can really benefit art creators and incentivize collaboration

Workshop leader is Sara Awayez, business and copyright lawyer with a passion for humanizing the law, co-founder and chief legal officer at the Wyz Law Group firm in Malmö.

STPLN offers coffee/tea and cinnamon rolls.
The workshop is in English and free of charge.
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