Psychosynthesis & Peace Work webinar 1 & 2

Organizer Eva Sanner
Time 2024-04-15 19:002024-04-17 21:00
Participant webinar

When media and politics focus on war and many of us are told to prepare for conflict, we need to stop and take a breath and realize the importance to also prepare for peace. Therefore, we need to understand what peace is, how we can support each other to create it, and how these actions can become part of our lives. Let us inspire each other and share how psychosynthesis models and thoughts can be supporting the growth of peace, inside all of us and in the global community.

Welcome to two evening webinars where we spend time with the concept of peace. Listen to presenters who has something to share about peace activism, peace creativity or about what is either blocking or supporting peace. The two evenings let you connect with others around the concept of peace. Because, as we all know, all change starts from within.

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Eva Sanner 
and the presenters team


Viv Fogel ,UK, is a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist and supervisor with over 40 years' experience, an advanced EFT (tapping) practitioner and mentor. Widely published, Viv is a poet-activist and part of Poets for the Planet, Poets for Ukraine, the founder of Poets for Peace, and an active member of Exile Writers Ink (EWI) which enables readings and publicity for exiles and asylum seekers. Her acclaimed recent collection is Imperfect Beginnings (Fly on the Wall Press, 2023)

Mahita El Bacha Urieta, ES, is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Life Coach. Her therapeutic practice centers around Psychosynthesis and incorporates art, meditation, and somatic work. Her growing interest is in cultural considerations and eurocentrism in the literature, teaching, profession, and application of psychotherapy, and in decolonizing her own mind and practice.

Alex Hatfield, UK, is a Psychosynthesis practitioner who applies in three ways, eco-therapy, ethical and secure leadership and soulmaking in nature. She is co-founder and Director of Wild Rites, an organization dedicated to re-establishing a deep connection with the natural world within and without.

Anne Yeomans, US, is a psychotherapist, group facilitator, and a holder of women’s sacred circles since 50 years. She studied with Roberto Assagioli and has also been deeply influenced by Thich Nhat Hahn, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, and has a long history of activism. Anne is an editor and an author of the recently published book “Willing to Love, Stories of the Couples Journey as a Path of Transformation”.

Uta Gabbay, GER, is the founder of the Hechal Group in Jerusalem. She is a therapist, teacher, and author, a spiritual activist and a lifelong student of the wisdom teachings and of nature.


Eva Sanner, SWE, is a psychosynthesis therapist and author, previous member of the board of the European Psychosynthesis Association (EPA). Eva is also a gardener, grandmother, shamanic practitioner and a lover of the Earth.