Arrangör Pamela von Sabljar & Friederikke Sofia Krogh
Tid 2024-05-03 15:002024-05-05 16:00
Plats Skoven Kalder in Ryd, South Sweden
Tier 1
5500 kr


In the lush swedish forest 


Gathering the 3rd of May - 5th of May 2024 at Skoven Kalder in Ryd, South Sweden.


“It will be western woman who changes the world - it will be turned on woman and those who dare to stroke us” -Nicole Daedone


Women, this is for you that already knows that pleasure and the next paradigm leadership is deeply connected to a generative future. Let's be pleasure researchers together, it is a co - co-created gathering. So bring your creativity, juice and gifts to the gathering.


We gather to immerse in pleasure, create experiences in all its different flavours with and for each other and practice a self care pleasure practice to embody the feminine qualities. 


Why is pleasure at the center of everything? It's physiological. Pleasure shifts your chemistry. In the presence of something pleasurable, the brain releases four “feel good” chemicals: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.





You can see this gathering as a portal. A portal you step through to explore a different reality from the one you might usually live in.


You go through the portal and there you give or are offered a number of experiences that will take you on a pleasure journey into your inner and outer world.


In your inner world you will encounter both possible challenges and enjoyable experiences, all of which give you information about yourself and the possibility for consciousness development, integration and the embodiment of new behavior.


As you step through the portal you are in a safe, open, accepting and vulnerable space where you can freely explore yourself in the mirror of the group and life.




When: 3rd - 5th of May // Arrival latest 15:00 Friday and departure Sunday around 16:00.

Location: Skoven Kalder Retreat place in Ryd, Blekinge, Sweden.

(3 hour away from Copenhagen with train to Karlshamn or 2-3 hours from Copenhagen in car)

Accommodation: 3 vegetarian meals a day, sauna and living in small shared cottages in the forest. Take a dip in the swedish lake or get comfy by the burning stove in the main house


See the beautiful Skoven Kalder retreat place here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/skovenkaldernu/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1391188970941802&ref=page_internal


Tier 1: 1-8 participants: 5500.- SEK

Tier 2: 9-15 participants: 6500,- SEK

Only 18 spots available


The retreat will be held in either swedish, danish or english depending on the participants in the group.






Pamela is a transformative, evolutionary leader, mentor, speaker and facilitator of conferences, festivals and gatherings all aimed at unleashing humanity's emergent potential and connecting us to the pleasure and presence of life force. She has a long history of working with personal & organizational development, feminine leadership, shadow work, tantric embodiment and transformational processor through life transitions.

Pamela is one of the initiators of the Nordic Women's Gathering 




Friederikke is a yoga teacher, bodyworker and a woman's health counselor. She has created a feminine universe – mentoring women through the body – heal and awaken their lifeforce energy by somatic movement and yoga, cyclus of our inner and outer nature, breathwork, bodywork- and dearmouring.

Bringing the awareness home into our bodies, daring to be in our body also when we feel fear, pain, tension and deep pleasure – opening the senses and allowing to feel all our feelings and be all our flavors - be sensitive, vulnerable and powerful and expressing it from our inner truth. Being seen for who we are open up to more love, meaning and aliveness in our lives.

As women feeling lust, pleasure, ease and being authentic in our daily life with ourselves and in relations.