Webinar: Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic

Time 2021-05-04 15:3016:30
Webinar: Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic

The 4th of May at 3.30-4.30 PM (Zoom)

Domestic violence has, as well as isolation, stress and depression, increased in many places during the pandemic. Situations that can be worsened by alcohol consumption. But could a reduced consumption lower the risk of COVID-19 infection and the burden on healthcare and other services?

Tim Naimi, Doctor of Medicine and director of the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research presents the report ”Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic”. 

Charles Perry, Professor and director of the Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Research Unit describes the effects of the alcohol restrictions in South Africa during the pandemic as well as the response from the national alcohol industry. 

Kristina Sperkova, President of Movendi International gives examples of how the alcohol industry has acted globally during the pandemic and lessons learned about public health vs economic interests.

“Alcohol and Society” is a series of reports aimed to highlight what scientific studies can tell us about the effects of alcohol consumption at both an individual and a societal level. ”Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic” is the eighth report and it is published by Svensk Förening för Allmänmedicin, Svensk sjuksköterskeförening, CERA, Stiftelsen Ansvar för Framtiden, Actis-Rusfeltets samarbeidsorgan, Alkohol & Samfund, Hela Människan, IOGT-NTO, MA – Rusfri Trafikk, MHF Motorförarnas Helnykterhetsförbund, Sveriges Blåbandsförbund och Sveriges Frikyrkosamråd, Svensk förening för Beroendemedicin, SIGHT, Movendi International