BeatboxLive 2017

Arrangör / 2shore Event & Design
Tid 2017-10-07 18:002017-10-08 03:00
Location Boom Boom Room, Halmstad

There are no tickets available for this event presenterar årets bästa 80-tals-, italo- och synthpopfest! Vi ses den 7 oktober på Boom Boom Room i Halmstad!

BeatboxLive 2017 is bigger, better and quite different from last year’s premier. It will take place in an old church, situated in the center of Halmstad, on the Swedish westcoast. With 6 live acts and 4 DJ:s during 7 hours (!) it will be a full night of adorable music, stunning live acts and lots of nice people.


- Secret Service feat Mikael Erlandsson [SE]: Spotify, iTunes
- Saft [SE]: Facebook, Spotify, iTunes
- ItaLove [SE]Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube
Octolab [SE]FacebookSpotifyiTunes
- Carino Cat [SE]FacebookSpotifyBandcamp
- Special guest: Cliff Wedge [SE]: Facebook, Spotify

Ryan Paris [ITA] has cancelled, due to medical reasons.

Arranger contact:

Niclas Blyh, 2shore Event & Design/