Crucially Improved Soft Skill Training - via the Mindfit concept...

Arrangör Humankonsult AB & Mindfit Ltd
Tid 2016-11-25 10:0015:00
Plats Humankonsult AB, Örnbergsvägen 19, Tullinge, Stockholm
2000 kr

A sad fact is that most soft skill trainings give very bad result (ROI). The participants can be very satisfied with the trainer. He or she was extremely good, but... Real results come from the answer of this question: Do the participants have improved their performance at work? Is it caused by this training?

The Mindfit Concept
Graham Williams and his colleagues at Mindfit Ltd has now developed a concept in order to improve the result for soft skill trainings and also development programs for companies and organisations. They make people aware of the obstacles they have in order to apply what they have learnt from e.g. soft skill trainings. Moreover, Mindfit's process of doing that is fairly fast. Then they also have tools in order to support the application of their knowledge. Graham have also recently, with his colleague Victor Newman, published the book "Recycling Behavioural Waste". In this book you find the core of their Mindfit concept.

The HumanGuide Concepts
Rolf Kenmo, Humankonsult AB, has developed the HumanGuide concepts. The core of the concepts is a personality test. With this test a person can be aware of his  or her strengths.Therefore the Mindfit concept is very good to combine with the HumanGuide concepts. With the HumanGuide people be aware of their strengths and with Mindfit they "release" their strengths...

The seminar
During this seminar we will give an introduction mainly focused on the Mindfit concept, so the participants can apply the concept for themselves and in their work. If a participant hasn't done the HumanGuide test, then he or she can do that for free.

In the end of the seminar Neville & Graham will present their way of cooperation with consultants and companies for those, who are interested.

You will get coffee in the start and then a little lunch will be served.

Rolf Kenmo, Humankonsult AB

Graham Willians & Neville Gaunt, Mindfit Ltd

p.s. You will get a copy of the book "Recycling Behavioural Waste" as a documentation.

The price is incl VAT (25 %). The seminar will be in English.