Food Lab

Arrangör UNDERVERK — Design and art experiences in Stockholm.
Tid 2014-08-24 14:0016:00
Plats Pavilion, Tantolunden, Zinkensdamm, Stockholm
Food Lab Session
250 kr

It’s the end of summer, start of Autumn and a good time to start pickling so as to stock up over winter. It’s also time to enjoy the opportunity of being outdoors. For Underverk's Season 3 Chef Aaron Colman and Experience Designer Josefin Vargö have designed a Food Lab set in the hidden and often forgotten music pavilion in Tantolunden, Zinkensdamm. This two hour Lab explores the concept of a Hot Dog and what it could be. There will be plenty of food to try.

Though we believe in putting plants first the lab is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers.

Pavilion in Tantolunden, Zinkensdamm