Taste — A tea and food workshop.

Organisation UNDERVERK — Design and art experiences in Stockholm.
Time 2013-11-29 19:0021:00
Plats In a home in Stockholm., Stockholm

Eventet stängt för nya bokningar

In collaboration with Underverk for Season 1 — Hemmet, Yurie Hama, owner of café Kikusen, starts her home sessions that consist of food experiences designed together with people from various fields. Yurie will be hosting the two following events:

#1 Taste — 250kr 
November 29, 19:00—21:00
Number of seats: 5

A tea and food workshop that provides 3 steps of approaching new tastes.

The occasions when and where people drink tea in Japan are quite diverse. Beyond the regular afternoon brew, tea at home is served at every meal with different types and at different temperatures in order to harmonize with the rest of the meal. 

This workshop is produced together with tea advisor Wataru Adachi from LYCKA Japan & Sweden, who presents the basics of Japanese tea, followed by a tasting that introduces possible approaches to combine tea and food. Three different samples of a Japanese home-made meal are combined with three different types of Japanese tea. The tea is provided by tea company Ippodo, well-known for its high quality Japanese green tea since 1717.
(Food-tasting includes raw fish)