Sales: Finding Your Inner Invoice

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2024-04-25 13:0016:00
Plats STPLN, Malmö
Sales: Finding Your Inner Invoice

Selling is never about convincing someone of something they don't want to do. Instead, it's about listening to people to see if what you have to offer can help them get what they want. Above all, it is about finding your own way and your own frequency.

Many artists and creators are skilled at much more than their creative and artistic expressions. You often have experience in project management, event production, curation of exhibitions, delivering to order and to deadlines you did not choose yourself, to name a few things.

Selling is about imagining what you want to do, with whom and how you want your finances to become what you need or desire. When you know what you want to create, you can think about who will enjoy it, which people you could collaborate with. You can create spaces to talk to these people about your vision and see how it aligns with their needs and desires. And to do this work with a frequency and a time frame that works for you.

This lecture and workshop goes through:
- what sell is and isn't
- why we might dislike selling and how we can change that
- how contact and listening open up how we can help each other
- how creativity is also a given part of selling
- where my arenas, partners, grants, buyers, customers, exhibitors are located
- planning; when in the year it might be time to talk to the respective people
- how do you contact these people?
- what a call and the follow-up of calls can look like
- how my frequency of contact needs to be to reach the budget I need/want
- what tools I can use to remember people, conversations and promises

Johanna Westbrandt works as a coach for entrepreneurs and leaders in business and non-profit organizations. She has worked with sales, marketing, business development, leadership and personal development in her own and others' businesses for 20 years.

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