Perfecting Your Project Pitch

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2024-04-03 10:0012:00
Plats STPLN, Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö
Perfecting Your Project Pitch

You might have the world's best idea, and there might be a fund or client eagerly waiting for exactly that. But how would you know? The only way - whether you're writing applications, submitting proposals, or networking your way through your creative professional life - is to be able to present your idea in a way that is engaging and relevant to the listener. This is a workshop where you learn to present your idea using compelling text, interesting images, impressive mood boards, and stylish sketches. Together with your radiant personality and artistic prowess, it's a clearly winning concept.

Markku Lorenz is a project manager, a creative problem solver with deep understanding of roleplaying game and entertainment industries.

STPLN offers coffee/tea and cinnamon buns.
The workshop is in English and free of charge.
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