Together with Earth - What is ecopsychology

Arrangör Eva Sanner
Tid 2023-11-29 19:0020:30
Free webinar Together with Earth

We are nature. We are part of something bigger. But the narrative of separation from nature has harmed us and created a society that is destructive to life on Earth. Is there any other way to look at man? What happens when we deepen our relationship with the nature around us? It can change everything - both our self-image and our commitment to transition to a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable society.

Eva Sanner explains the basic ideas in ecopsychology and introduces the concept of "Together with Earth" - to live together with the earth instead of war against the planet. She is the author of "Nature's secret", a basic book in ecopsychology. She is a psychosynthetic therapist with training in ecopsychology and also an apprentice on the shamanic path where the relationship with the earth and all living beings is the basis for our personal development.
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