THE DRAGON SPELL with Ukrainian dialogue

Organizer Біограф Панора | Biograf Panora
Time 2023-10-08 14:0015:30
Location Cinema Panora (Біограф Панора) Friisgatan 19 D, Malmö, Malmö

There are no tickets available for this event

Welcome to a special screening of The Dragon Spell for Ukrainian children and their family and friends. Tickets are free, but must be booked.


A young boy embarks on a fantastic quest to save both the world of humans and the world of magic from a witch possessed by a dragon ghost. Together with Eddie, the wanna-be-wizard, and Rocky, the feral wild child, he’ll have to prove what it takes to be a real hero!


Original title: Mykyta Kozhumyaka

Director: Manuk Depoyan

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2016

Duration: 85 min

Language: Ukrainian

Subtitles: English

Genre: Animated adventure

Age recommendation: From ca 7 years old (classification from the Swedish Media Council is not available)

Organizers: Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö, Malmö Helps,