ALUMNI TRILOGY - 28th Sept, 12th & 26th Oct

Organizer Facilitate The Shift
Location On Zoom and in the field between us. , Online
Lower price
2266 SEK
Those that can afford
3200 SEK


3x Thursdays, 3x Partner in Crime Meetings in trios 

Bringing back into the community and bathing in the updated exploration of the masterclass. 


For alumni of our space-holding masterclasses: 

- Next Level Facilitation - 1st Prototype:  Feb - June 2021

- Next Level Facilitation  - 2nd Prototype:  Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

- Facilitate The Shift #3:  Oct 2022 - Mar 2023 


3x Thursdays from 19 to 22 CET, 3h sessions: 28th Sept, 12th Oct & 26th Oct  

3x Partner in crime meetings on week numbers 40, 42, and 44


3-hour sessions with the intention to: 
- Hold space for what wants to emerge between us. 
- Invite you to bring back what you’ve been learning from doing the work in your communities. 
- Continue to explore our collective next layer of space-holding wisdom. 
- Share our latest updates in our 5-month journey. 


Being matched in a trio, experiencing a new constellation to follow you on this trilogy journey. Meeting 3 times, each time in the following week from our Thursday sessions. 


On Zoom and in the field between us. 


We will offer this experience with two price tags. You know your economic situation you choose which one is most serving for the group. 

2266 SEK or 3200 SEK  //  201 EUR or 284 EUR  - incl. VAT

We cant wait to see you again! 

With love, eros and reverence, 
Pamela and Ana