2023-03-20 Basics of engraving using the sand blaster

Arrangör Alexander Engl
Tid 2023-03-20 18:0020:00
Plats Stockholm Makerspace, Stockholm

Eventet stängt för nya bokningar

In this course you will learn to use the sand blaster to engrave a pattern into a glass or metal object using a vinyl template, to make a perfect gift or personalized item for yourself.

You will learn how to cut the template using the Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter, apply to the object of your choice (bring your own or use the glass jar included in the course) and how to operate the sand blaster.

The course starts at 18:00 but please come early (17:00) if you have your own design that you want to engrave during the course. In this case bring your own design in .ai or some other suitable vector format.

As with all courses at Stockholm Makerspace, you need to be at least a member of the makerspace (föreningsmedlem) to attend. 

The course will be held in English only.