MONEY MONEY! • Bookkeeping & Financial Planning • Part 2

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2023-02-12 13:0016:00
Plats Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö

Louise Weidenstolpe is a well-known financial consultant who has with many years of professional experience working as an accountant for designers, artists, musicians, and as a film producer at movie productions in Sweden.

Louise Weidenstolpe will go through the steps of accounting and financial planning and how to work with taxes, VAT, invoices, deductible expenses etc. and how to do your bookkeeping using online software.

In this second lecture/workshop it is of advantage that you have
participated in Louise's previous workshop or otherwise become familiar
with bookkeeping and bookkeeping software

What to bring to the workshop:
- Your laptop with bookkeeping software*.
- Invoices to send out (If you don't have current ones, we work with
- Receipts and invoices to be recorded (a must). Doesn't matter if it's
physical or digital.
- Any salary/payroll from limited companies to be made. (option)

*If you do not have any bookkeeping software on your computer, it´s
easy to create a free account in Bokio: