Why is selling so hard?

Arrangör STPLN
Tid 2022-11-25 10:0014:00
Plats Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö
Why is selling so hard?

Why is selling so hard? To vouch for a product or service? To charge sensibly?

Selling doesn’t come natural to many people. And yet, everyone has to do it one way or another. Johanna Westbrand has coached everyone from top business executives to social enterprises and artists and has identified a pressure point that many of us share: we do not like the part of the job that is about selling.

In a seminar with plenty of space for questions and conversations, Johanna de-dramatizes the subject. She provides concrete guidance on how to plan, conduct and follow up such conversations: how to listen to customers and partners and how to valuate your own efforts and work.

The lecture & workshop will be held in English